Graffiti is egotistical. Essentially our alias alter-ego becomes an extension of ourselves. People go over us, there is threat and retaliation, just as if someone had publicly humiliated us. Most either openly consider what fellow writers think, or claim to ‘not give a fuck’ while secretly checking instagram comments. It’s pretty much the same as Facebook profiles. Other writers are either praised or belittled, from style to productivity, just as people praise their friends, or bitch about people they don’t know. 

Always a fan of the idea of style being a reflection of personality. You have bombers out for fame, who may only tag, who are concerned about being everywhere, about having an overarching presence regardless of peoples opinion on whether its art of not. You have illegal piecers, who may not tag as much but are attempting to stick in peoples minds in regard to quality and being ballsy. Legal writers are heavily concerned with the community, wanting to be part of a subculture with its routs in the underground, but not wanting to risk being faced with the law- many of these may be older guys who have had enough, but also may have thought the pro’s don’t outweigh the cons from the start.

The most well rounded people are also the most well rounded writers. They piece, while also doing the odd trackside, and always carry a pen. Staring out of train windows with always be part of their life, and barbed wire has never stopped them from doing a spot.